Effects of Ozone on the heart

We’ve covered Ozone therapy before (Ozone therapy revisited), and it seems unfortunate that this form of quack therapy is still happening in Malaysia, which in the case of serious diseases like Cancer, can lead to delays in patients getting proper treatment, and truly Death by an Alternative to Medicine
Now our cardiologist blogger, HOTM, has just blogged about the Effects of Ozone on the circulation and Heart

I have always wondered what are the effects of Ozone on the heart. For some reason, Ozone therapy is a rather common ( I am told ) therapy practiced in Malaysia, to help clear heart artery blockages and also improve the heart circulation. Obviously, I hear about this from my patients ( so it is third party ).
I have been trying to get scientific data on Ozone therapy with little success. I believe that it is for reasons of inability to patent your product and so the inability to earn from your research.
Well, in my reading, I have just come across a study done by the US Environmental Protection Agency, published in the Circulation, June 25th issue.It is a small study but the findings are interesting.
Dr Robert Devlin of the US EPA, studied the effects of 03 ppm inhaled Ozone on 23 young healthy individuals. He divided the 23 into two groups. To one he gave room air and to the other group, Ozone 0.3 ppm, each for 2 hours. Blood samples were taken immediately after inhaling the Ozone and inflammatory markers and ECG were done. They were then crossed over ( in a blinded fashion ) and given the other agent, so that each group act as their own control.
They found to their surprise, that 0.3 ppm induced a 98% rise in Interleukin-8 levels, a 24% rise in Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor – 1 ( PAI-1 ), increase in other vascular inflammatory markers, a 53% reduction in heart rate and a slight prolongation of QT interval.
The long and short is that Ozone has quite a marked effect on vascular inflammation, and is not to be taken lightly. Interleukin-8 promotes atherosclerosis and PAI-1 promotes thrombosis, meaning that there is a serious possibility ( if one is exposed to inhaled Ozone ) of having more vascular events. Slowing the heart is people with heart disease, will not be good, and may be harmful. There seemed to be no reduction of the bad indices.
Granted, this therapy is in its inhaled formed, as we would expect in a polluted environment of haze and passive cigarette smoke. I wonder if the same effects would be seem with IV Ozone therapy. I suspect that it should be so, but this study did not deal with that. maybe in USA, IV Ozone therapy is unpopular or not practiced.
Well, to all those who venture into IV Ozone therapy, be warned. It may not be as harmless as you think, except of course if what you are getting is room air or oxygen, and not Ozone.


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