Tips on using social media for doctors

This post in KevinMD is a timely reminder for doctors using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Googleplus

I’d like to highlight the important points again

1) Set your privacy settings to high
Many Facebook users do not know how to set their privacy settings. You could have friends of friends seeing your private posts and pictures and not know it. I would never ever post any patient related information on Facebook.

2) Establish separate personal and professional accounts.
This is particuarly useful for Twitter where you can have multiple accounts for various purposes. Do be careful that what you tweet goes to the right place!

3) Take a moment to reflect before every post and update
Take 3 moments or more! What you post on the Internet is there for posterity.

4). Consider physician-only social networking sites.
While some like to discuss medical matters on Facebook, truly exclusive communities are safer for sharing ideas and discussing medical matters. For Malaysian doctors, you can join Dobbs, the exclusive community and forum which is free to register and participate – at the moment over 700 active discussion threads and over 1000 registered users. If you are a Malaysian doctor, join Dobbs today!


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