Another Sick Hospital

We’ve blogged over and over again about our sick Hospitals related to shoddy workmanship but it seems that nothing has changed as another Hospital ceiling comes crashing

IPOH: Pieces of ceiling boards came crashing outside the dermatology clinic of the specialists’ complex at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here.
The incident left a huge gap in the ceiling, exposing PVC pipes covering telecommunication cables and other internal foundation structures.
However, no casualty was reported in the 6am incident on the first floor of the complex yesterday.
The hospital would check other areas to prevent similar occurrences, said Perak state health committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon.
The 18 boards, made of gypsum plaster, crashed due to the weight of the PVC pipes, he said during a visit to the site.
“There were several PVC pipes which were quite heavy.
“Also, the cables were supposed to be bracketed together on the wall and not left above the ceiling board,” he said.

Those of you who work in other hospitals – take a good look at the ceilings and beware if any parts look like they are going to collapse on you!
Shoddy workmanship seems to be so commonplace in this country I wonder if this is so entrenched we will forever remain third world

Remember this?

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