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Dobbs is the exclusive (and free!) forum for Malaysian doctors which we have maintained for 13 years now.

This is the latest update/newsletter:

Greetings Dobber

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and there have been quite a few changes since.
We have added Cascading Menus to make it easier for you to locate your favorite sub-forum but you can still use the main forum link i.e.
to view the most recent discussions
(don’t forget if you click on the icon at the extreme right, it will take you to the end of the discussion thread)

We’ve also posted a few additional tips on how to use Dobbs, especially how to embed images and videos. To view all tips, see:

New sub-forums in Dobbs:

Telehealth , Nephrology,  MMA forum

We are also excited to announce a new focus on CME. Apart from interesting cases and updates in theCME forum as well as the specialty forums like HeartbeatHaemonc and Pulmonology, we have now added a Quiz module to Dobbs.
The Quizzes are in the form of interactive MCQs and using this system Dobbers can be graded and the scores you get will in future entitle you to official CME points (once the MMA approves our CPD application).
You may try out the existing quizzes which can be found here: (this page is linked as a sub-menu in the CME section of the top menu in Dobbs)

We have just launched our 2nd CME Quiz, a 20 question test your knowledge in Tuberculosis. The prize for the winner is a portable finger Pulse Oxymeter.

The contest ends August 31, but the highest scoring submission received first will win so don’t delay – enter now!

Well that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a good break next week and we wish Muslim Dobbers a Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

Existing Dobbers are reminded that they do not need to sign up again if you lost or forgotten your password – just click on the Lost password link. (or simply Login with Facebook if you have a Facebook account!).

If you enjoy and appreciate Dobbs, please encourage your colleagues to join the community – email them the link to Dobbs. For those of you who use Facebook, you can add them to the Dobbs Facebook group.

Warmest regards,



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