BP sets and glucometers not tax exempt?

BP Set

I just learnt from the Dobbs doctors forum that this seems to be the case. One of our DObbers wrote in to the LHDN to enquire and this was the reply:

Tidak, alat pengukur tersebut tidak tergolong dalam peralatan sokongan asas dan perbelanjaan perubatan.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes mellitus and hypertension are a serious health problem in our population today. The MOH is trying to encourage people to live a more healthy lifestyle and create awareness about NCDs. Patients with hypertension and diabetes should to monitor their NCDs closely and home monitoring with BP sets and glucometers are commonplace and to be encouraged.
It’s a great pity that the LHDN is apparently not permitting these medical monitoring equipment as tax exempt expenditures. Time for a petition anyone?

Dobbs Forum Financial: Pelepasan cukai untuk alat BP dan Glucometer


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