It’s 2014. Happy New Year!

The dawn of a new year and 2014 may be more challenging for healthcare as we face the pressure of rising costs of living with increasing fuel prices, toll rates, electricity and the impending GST.
All these will surely impact the cost of healthcare in the country and with the Government already implementing cost cutting, the only thing you can be sure is not going up is your salary and especially for junior doctors it is uncertain times with the changing landscape of junior doctor jobs in Malaysia. It’s going to be very challenging for public hospitals if they are hit by cost cutting as with dengue still raging and our hospitals overcrowded.
We pray that every Malaysian takes steps to stay healthy. Prevention indeed is better than cure and the best way is DON’T SMOKE, EAT WISELY AND EXERCISE. There is no shortcut magic pill or supplement.
Get insured please as a precaution if you haven’t got medical insurance as it is one of the important ways to help you cope with medical fees should the need arise.
May 2014 be the year when all your dreams come true, all your hard work reap great results and rewards.
Happy New Year!



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