Calling doctor bloggers


We periodically make a call to reach out to all Malaysian doctor bloggers. We realise that some of you have left your blogs to hibernate as it is so easy to make one line updates and post links and pictures on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
However when it comes to telling a story, there’s nothing better than writing a complete blog post yourself. Worried that nobody will read it? You can always share what you write on the social network. It will be read, especially if it is written with sincerity and from the heart like Jack Naim’s post Rest Well, Brother

RIP brother

The MMR will be happy to link your Blog in our Doctors’ Blog Roll so do let us know if it is not on the list.
On top of that we diligently follow all the blogs and will share interesting posts on our MMR Facebook Page (you can see the recent posts on our Sidebar)


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