Talk: Update on Diabetes Mellitus


Mark your Calendar – Dr. TK Khoo will be giving a couple of lectures at the IMU Seremban clinical school October 7,2015:
– Updates on Diabetes Mellitus
– Specialty training in the USA.

He will be speaking from the US perspective so the talk willinclude the newer medications available here, as well as insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring systems (“sensors”).

If interested, please RSVP to Ms. Nancy at IMU either via email at [email protected] or by phone at 06-7677798

Dr. Khoo is a Malaysian Endocrinologist based in the US. He is a prolific blogger and also a member of the DOBBS forum. DOBBS is Malaysia’s pioneer and largest online community for Malaysian doctors. Malaysian Doctors can take part in DOBBS at:
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Malaysian physician, haematologist, blogger, web and tech enthusiast

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