The Malaysian Medical Association website has been updated


The MMA is the official professional body representing the interests of the medical profession in Malaysia. I am pleased to inform you that the website has been thoroughly revamped and has a modern responsive design which is mobile friendly.

There are still some early quirks like the Berita MMA PDF does not download even after signing in but overall it is a good start.

The MMA website is linked together with the other Malaysian medical professional associations in our Societies and Associations webpage

You can also follow the MMA in their Facebook page

The MMA does not have an online forum but for that you can join the premier online Malaysian doctors community which is DOBBS (Doctors Only Bulletin Board System) which has been running since 2000.
If you are on Facebook, you can join Dobbs Facebook (requests to join will be approved only for medical doctors and not medical students – please check your Facebook messages for verification details)
Malaysian doctors are also welcome to sign up with the Dobbs Forum (instructions at the website) which has more than forums but also news, job portal and also close integration with Dobbs on Facebook.


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