Updated MMC CME Grading System

The MMC CPD/CME Grading System has been updated on 17 April 2018. You can download it here

I have embedded it here for your viewing convenience:

Please note:
1) All medical practitioners will require a minimum of 20 points when you apply for your APC
2) The points collection will start on 1 July of each calendar year until 30 June the following year.
3) Points cannot be carried forward
4) You will need the 20 points when you apply in 2019 for the 2020 APC (the points are exempted when you are applying in 2018 for the 2019 APC)
5) You will therefore need to accumulate 20 points in the period 1 July 2018 till 30 June 2019 before you can apply for the APC

What has changed:
1) The “core/non-core specialty points” for specialists has been shelved for now.
2) CPD points are not necessary for NSR renewal (for now)
Do note the law is silent on the above two points for the specialists and the NSR
3) Points grading for some categories has been adjusted, eg category A1 and A2 for conferences and meetings.
4) Medical practitioners can choose any of the “collector systems” for CPD points.

The three collector systems are:
1) MyCPD for KKM/MOH doctors
2) MMA
3) NSR

For the KKM/MOH doctors, you are required to use the MyCPD. It is optional for KKM/MOH doctors to use the other two if you want.
For the private doctors, you can use the MMA system which is great for local meetings since it will help you register and get points instantly if you just present the QR code in the app for scanning. You can also view upcoming CPD events throughout the nation, filtered by location and discipline, with the MMA CPD App. The MMA App is open to all doctors, whether MMA members or non-MMA members.
For more info about the MMA CPD App, see our earlier blog post
For specialists you can also use the NSR CPD System. You would have been assigned a login ID and password but in case you haven’t, you can request one here

In general it is easy to use the NSR CPD collector system since it is based on “trust” and you only have to click on the meeting. I find it is easy only if the event is listed and it is particularly good for major overseas conferences. On the other hand, many smaller local meetings are not listed in the NSR website.
For the MMA, it is easy to use for local CPD events (provided they have been registered and approved by the MMA CPD system) but more cumbersome for overseas events as that would require a manual submission.
While the MMC suggests you stick with one collector system, I would like to suggest, at least for the specialists who attend overseas conferences to
1) Use the NSR collector system for Overseas meetings if they are listed and
2) Use the MMA collector system for Local meetings or overseas meetings if not listed in the NSR
This way there is no overlap and you get the best of both worlds.
Both systems will allow you to have a report of your CPD activities for the year which you can print out and submit to the MMC when you apply for the APC.
However to avoid potential duplication it is advisable to stick with one collector system provided it has at least 20 points.

If you have questions and want to receive more updates on CPD, please join DOBBS, Malaysia’s pioneer and largest forum for doctors with over 15,000 participants. Joining DOBBS is free, just submit your application using https://dobbs.my/osr