MMC website down ?

So you might be wondering what’s up with the MMC website? Yes, it’s been down since 12 March 2019 and we understand the downtime could be for two weeks or possibly longer.

The reason is stated in this bit of information we got and posted in the DOBBS forum as well:

MMC’s existing domain is suspended for now to allow MERITS to be uploaded. We will use link from KKM’s for the time being. The new link is;

MERITS is the new system which will work to pull the CPD points data from the appointed CPD collectors (NSR, MMA and MyCPD) when doctors apply for their APC online this year.
While server upgrades and maintenance are the norm for almost every website, we are surprised that there could not have been a maintenance notice posted on the MMC website and at the very least also a redirection link or automatic redirection to the temporary link which is

Many were in the dark but now you know!