Are you man enough to be a nurse?

The NST recently had a feature article on this topic which reminded me about a blog post 2 years ago we made on More men want to be nurses

Patients are often surprised when Humaizie tells them that he is a nurse but not as shocked when they meet Humaizie’s superior, nursing sister Kho Kheng Siong. Kho might be a “sister” but he is also a male nurse.
Kho, 30, is one of University Malaya Medical Centre’s two male sisters.
His nursing rank of “sister” sometimes puts patients and their families in a spot as they do not know how to address him.
“The patients have no problems calling a female nurse ‘sister’ but with me, I suppose they find it a little awkward or even amusing. “Even some of the senior female nurses who report to me, have difficulty calling me sister.”

Seriously, they should not be called “Nursing sisters” but Nurse managers or something along those lines.
Nursing is not a “girlie” job anymore. It actually can be quite physical – try lifting a 100 kg comatose patient in ICU and see.

Let’s put an end to male nurse stereotypes!


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