Semen good for women it seems

In what must be the most bizzare news of the week, some Women are defending a doctor for using his semen to cure them

Some people think that semen is a great cure for morning sickness and bad acne problems, but gynaecological diseases? You’d think semen was one of the reasons some women get those problems in the first place.

At the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University in China, 47-year-old associate professor Ma Lin believes his sperm has special healing powers and has been using it as the secret ingredient to concoct his own medicine, which he administers to female patients as treatment for their women’s problems.

Apparently he’s been brewing the tonic, a mixture of his semen with antibiotic erythromycin and saline solution, since 2003 and he would apply the remedy on a patient’s acupuncture points as well as massaging it around her vagina.

He might have gotten away with it, too, until one patient, Wang Juan, went to his clinic back in August 2010 to be treated for a pelvic inflammation but later discovered a strange fluid in her vagina. She confronted the doc and was shocked when he told her what his mystery cure was made of.

Wang Juan immediately lodged a police report against the doc, accusing him of rape, and he was arrested.

In his statement, Ma Lin, who spent years researching traditional Chinese medicines and treatments, claimed he was applying the semen to her body when his sperm entered her vagina by accident. He then proceeded to “wipe it clean”.

Chalk one more for the benefit of semen, apart from containing antidepressants and mood-booster chemicals


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