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Semen good for women it seems

In what must be the most bizzare news of the week, some Women are defending a doctor for using his semen to cure them Some people think that semen is a great cure for morning sickness and bad acne problems,

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Major changes to the MQE

The Health Minister announced in the Star that Medical qualifying exam now available at 16 local varsities KUCHING: Medical graduates from unrecognised universities overseas can now sit for the Medical Qualifying Examination (MQE) at all 16 medical schools in the

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Warning: you study medicine in an unrecognised medical school at your own peril

If your desire to be a doctor is that strong, then you should strive by all means to get into a recognised medical school. If you graduate from an unrecognised medical school in the MMC’s unscheduled colleges list, then in

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