MOH launches i-Dengue website


The NST reports

The Health Ministry today launched the I-Dengue website and application system to provide the public with the latest information on dengue hot spots in the country and on measures to avoid getting the disease.
Its minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the website was developed using remote sensing technology and the geografic information system (GIS), with the public able to assess it at
“The website will be updated every week. The government hopes this access to information for the public will make the fight against the dengue menace more effective,” he said after opening the National-Level Asean Dengue Day 2013 at the Inland Revenue Board hall, here.

You can check it out by visiting
The data shown on the front page comprises cases reported by State. If you click on the Flashing Lokasi Denggi image, you can see a map of Malaysia where cases reported appear in red circles – this page requires a Java enabled browser. You can zoom in and out but the names of the States are annoyingly blocking parts of the map – wish the designer could have the option to remove the State names.
How useful will this be? I guess it is as good as the data, and only if action is taken in the dengue “hot spots” to eradicate the breeding grounds.

I have updated the MMR’s page of links to Public General Information sites to include the MOH i-Dengue website.

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