Health Minister : Our water supply is safe

The Health Minister was recently quoted as saying Our water supply is safe

KUALA LUMPUR – The Health Ministry assured the public yesterday that the water supply is clean and safe for consumption without filtration.
Its minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, said consumers should not fall into the trap of filtration companies selling high-priced products claiming to provide clean water.
“The water supply coming into our homes is clean, maintained in quality and can be consumed without any filtration,” he told the News Straits Times.
Liow said the water from the Water Supply Department could be consumed without filtration but should be boiled before it was consumed.

I did a double take when I read that. The Minister says it’s “safe to be consumed without filtration” but still advises that it should be boiled!
I think Malaysians aren’t so trusting when sometimes the water coming out of our taps are BROWN in colour and in the past has even known to stink due to ammonia contamination (see out previous post The Stinking Truth).
The Health Minister is probably quite correct that most of the time, our water is safe to drink straight from the tap. But if you want to play safe, do boil it. Filtration is optional if you don’t want to see brown water from time to time.


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